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It took us a lot of time to make the interview look like that because of the sound problems

If you fail to watch it, here is the text

Hope, you’ll enjoy it

Just a quick note – David has had his exhibition in Sydney and is successfully working as a photographer (including tango photography)

V: Today we have a special guest David Storm. David is a photographer, a writer, a traveller…. and today David is going to tell us all about his creative works. And it’s time to start with our first question

What creative work do you do in life?

D: At this time of my life I paint, I take photos, and I dance.

V: Do you remember the first moment when you decided to be creative?

D: I guess the first time I really thought about that it was when I was a teenager I’d always been playing with photography and I took of the school subject with painting and art in general so I learned a bit more technical things about photography, developing photos mostly and I started snapping photos of things I enjoyed for fun and gradually over the years that grew.

V: I know you have a book of photography can you tell us more about it?

D: The book is called Tango Expressions. It’s a photo book which was originally designed for a competition for a photography book and I wrote a very short story of the history of tango. I published it myself, I have sold a few copies around the world and still have a lot for sale.

V: When and where was it published?

D: I published it myself and I got the barcode and the (ISBN) number through the internet and I found a printer in China and I published it myself that way.

It’s also on a website a print on demand website which you can buy through but most are in Australia with me.

V: What about the feedback?

D: Most people say they like the art, most people haven’t noticed the writing which is a good thing I think. Most people say they like my style, they liked how I captured the movements, captured emotions

V: Are you planning any more books at the moment?

D: I’m not planning anything at the moment

I consider I’ll have one more book of Photography but not specifically of tango


V: Why tango?

D: Tango is a big part of my life, it’s helped me change my life, my attitude to find a little in myself as a person, I travel the world dancing tango, I travel everywhere I go.

V: And how long have you been dancing tango?

D: For 11 and a half years now

V: And what about inspiration. What inspires you?

D: Most of the time it’s just something that pops into my head I’ve seen something which triggers a thought and that brings something into my head which I either try to paint or write

or try to find a way of photographing.

On the rare occasion it’s somebody on the met who inspires me with their personality or something they said or a connection there was in tango which gives me an idea. It comes from everywhere even dreams.


V: One more question about traveling.

What was the first country you travelled to?

D: The first country I travelled to was Fiji. I went there to have holidays because I had to have a holiday from my regular job. I picked Fiji because it was warm and it was winter in Sydney so decided to go somewhere warm.

I loved warm clean water, the people were friendly, it was wonderful experience going by ship. I slept, I drank, I enjoyed and danced and partied for 2 weeks. That was my first overseas trip.

V: How did you decide to be a traveler? I know you don’t live in Sydney, where you are originally from, you travel the world.

D: Technically I’m still from Sydney but I wanted to know about the world, about myself, cultures and try to understand what I can and not be totally ignorant about everything and talk from what I see on the television. I wanted to have my own experiences that I could refer to when I talk about something. That just grew. I started travelling with short periods of time for several weeks to several months at a time and now it is a year and a half.

V: A year and a half? So you haven’t been home for a year and a half?

D: No.


V: Have you ever experienced any difficulties? Maybe lack of inspiration?

D: That’s a hard one, there’s so many times I’ve had no inspiration, I haven’t wanted to do anything, no ideas in my head through circumstances, being sad, broken hearted, being too busy caught up in life, I just couldn’t get around to it. I feel I get full of frustration where after a while it builds up and I can see the colours, I can see story lines, I can see things in my head. Sometimes it is a matter of patience, sometimes I have just gone out somewhere different which has given me some inspiration from an experience.

And other times I just, I dream about something and maybe that inspires me when I wake up, I go, that’s a good thought, I can do something with it and try to do it as quick as possible just to get it all starting again.

V: One more thing I’d like to know it’s about the book you’re writing, tell me a little about it.

D: Well, I am not sure what it will end up like. It’s a science fiction book story, based on conspiracy theories, my observation of the world and society as it is now, a little bit of alien civilization thrown in there and I am not sure how else you would describe it. But yeah science fiction based on a few different things.

V: So it doesn’t have any connection with tango or photography or real world

D: Well tango and photography no, real world maybe there is a little bit of fact in there.

V: This is what unites a lot of creative people all over the world, sometimes they want to try a completely different thing. So do you have the same feeling?

 D: In some way yes I want to share my experience of the world, my own experiences of my own life with people, whether it is through writing, photography, painting and the story is getting a lot of stuff out of my head, which is probably good therapy for me, it might clear up some little emotional problems I have, so I am using it partly for that reason

V: Are you planning to do something creative in future?

D: I enjoy painting, I don’t know how to paint technically, I enjoy putting colours on canvas I did it a little when I was a teenager, I did not do much for a long time and then in early 2012 late 2011 I was going through a period of life where it was pretty difficult and one day I woke up with a little inspiration I grabbed my brushes and canvas and just started painting, putting colours on canvas to represent what was in my head, there was a lot of anger and a lot of confusion, gradually it grew and progressed from there and became more vibrant, more alive and people seemed to like them. It is just getting colours out of my head onto the canvas.


V: What about the project you started in Belgrade?  Painting while dancing?

D: That was the project I was talking to a dancer about an idea I had that one day I wanted to try. We spoke about it and she said that is a wonderful idea let’s do it, you have to come back and do it, I want to be the first person to do it with you. She was really excited and I said ok, if I come back I will do it. I had a think about the journey I was doing and I decided to return to Serbia for a few weeks. In the mean time I saw videos of people doing something similar, I didn’t like the way they were mixing the colours there were similarities to what other artists were doing but not quite what I had in my mind, I knew what I wanted but not sure if I would get it. We did two, the first one was very funny, we head butted each other, we were sliding everywhere but the painting turned out reasonably nice and some people actually liked it a lot.  

V: So, if I understand it correctly, there’s a big canvas on the floor and there were two dancers and the paint was…

D: The feet were the paint brushes.

We put the paint on the canvas and then we danced on the canvas letting our feet spread the paint randomly through the dancing and there was nothing planned other than that. The first painting contained too much paint so it was really slippery. We did a second one with a bit less paint and it turned out to be more controlled and it turned out to be quite nice.

V: Actually tango is all about improvising and this was the idea, to express and improvise the picture I suppose

D: Yes in tango we improvise, I wanted to have some thought in the canvas and preparation of the paint in certain places but then have the randomness and improvisation, feeling of the dancing of tango to be the random part of the picture.

I don’t plan my picture or paintings 100%, I have an idea of what I want and then I follow it. I may get 85% of what I was thinking and the rest is completely random. To me it is representative of life, you can have the best laid plans and something will make you change directions so we will learn something new.


V: And what are your travelling plans?

D: Now I have to return home (from Minsk) to take care of a few things, via Jakarta, Perth  and then back to Sydney for a while and what I have to do. From there I will most likely return to Europe, whether I go to South America again and Argentina I am not sure, But I will most likely end up in Europe

V: Hope to see you some day.

D: No worries, thank you.

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